Thursday, July 15, 2010

Beau's "Six-and-Six Months" Swimming Party

Beau has a January birthday, like me. I feel his pain in never getting to do anything "outdoors" for a themed birthday party. Last fall, Beau told us he wanted to have a "swimming party" for his sixth birthday. So we had a family-only party in January, and planned a "six-and-six months swim party" for Beau's friends. His party was July 10. He had a blast with about 25 kids swimming, diving, and sliding in 90+ degree heat. It was so much fun. I have to admit to 34 years of jealousy in seeing him get to swim on his "birthday". (Why didn't I think of this when I was growing up?) Maybe I can have a 35-and-five months party, next June. Ha!

Summer Spent Swimming

We have spent almost all summer at the swimming pool this year. Beau and Ali each took two weeks of swimming lessons and are putting the lessons to good use. (Beau is anyway....Ali enjoys the kiddie pool and laying out.....not such a fan of the "big" pool this year.) But Beau has learned to "dive" (really ends up being a belly flop 3/4 of the time, but he is trying), and he can do the "toothpick" and the "cannonball" off the diving board. He loves playing water baseball too! Splish Splash!

Baseball Boys and Belles!

Beau and Ali played ball this year. We played from the end of April until the middle of June. It was fun watching them both throughout the season. Derick helped coach both of their teams: Beau/Hernando Gators and Ali/ Hernando Heat. (Both teams were orange!) Batter, batter, swing, batter!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Fieldtrip Fun

Both Ali and Beau have taken trips to the Memphis Botanic Gardens this week to see the "My Big Backyard" exhibit. They both absolutely loved the time they spent roaming through the gardens. Ali learned all about plants and brought home a "magnifying glass." Beau learned about bees, ate real honey, and made a bee puppet. They both loved the "swinging bridge" and the worm hole, and the "tire sand-box." I am so glad the kids love the outdoors that can be found right outside in their own "backyards."

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Age 6: And Finally a Few "Firsts"

Beau has had back-to-back days of "firsts". Yesterday during baseball practice, he received his first bruised nose from getting popped between the eyes with a baseball. (Thanks Coach/Dad who threw the ball! Don't worry, he picked up the ball and still made the play BEFORE letting the hurt set in. Derick was so proud!) And today, he lost his first tooth! You can see in the picture, it is one of his bottom, front teeth. (We have been waiting all year to lose a tooth.) Here are a few pics as Beau proudly shows off his baseball "battle bruise" between the eyes and his first picture as a "snaggle tooth." We love you, "Big Man!" And let's hold off on anymore "firsts" for a while. You are growing up too fast!

Happy Easter

Early April was full of school, friend, and Church egg hunts. The kids have snacked on Reese's buttercup and Cadbury eggs, jelly beans, and other sweets that filled baskets. The Easter Bunny came and left Beau some Magic Tree House chapter books he enjoys reading, new crocs, and some spring/summer baseball pj's. Ali found a princess CD player with disks, princess stickers and markers, pink crocs and summer pj's. We spent a beautiful Easter Sunday at church, and then at my Grandmother's hunting eggs all over "Still Hill." What a wonderful way to celebrate a day of rebirth and redemption, than with relatives!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Alice the Fairy.....or anything I want to be today!

Ali's full name is "Alice Kate Biglane." She used to only answer to that name at the Dr.'s office. But lately, she will emphatically tell you her entire name. (Lately, Ali has turned into a dress up diva, so possibly "Alice Kate" is her alter name.) I caught her in this get-up and got a quick picture to remember all her creative costumes she wears on a daily basis. In this picture she is dressed as one of her favorite story book characters, "Alice the Fairy." Check out the pink, high heeled shoes...with socks!

"Farmer in the Dell for the Day"

Ali and Beau recently made a trip to my families farm outside of New Albany, MS. They had the best time feeding twin baby calves from the biggest "baby" bottle Ali's ever seen. They helped feed the big cows, the horses, and climbed fences. They loved getting to be farm hands for the day! And much thanks to my Mom, my Uncle Jimmy, and my Uncle Wayne, for all their help with the littlest farm hands.

Puppy "Love"

One of Ali's oldest friends is Charlie Parolli. He lives two doors down from us on our street. He is four months older than Ali, and she has known him her entire life. They have always been playmates. And about a year ago, at age 2, Ali developed a serious crush on her friend Charlie. Now Ali professes her love for Charlie to anyone who will listen, including Charlie. Charlie completely blows off the terms of endearment and has the "playing hard to get" thing down pretty well. Ali has lots to learn about being pursued and not being the pursuer. Here Ali is at a birthday party riding with Charlie on a two-seated bicycle. The smile on her face tells you exactly how in "puppy love" she is.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Snow Day

The forecast didn't call for snow. A slight chance imagine our surprise when we woke up this morning to more than 5 inches of snow! It is beautiful and we have had fun making a snowman, rolling snowballs and sledding. The Saints win the superbowl and it snows the next morning. Wow, we could get used to this kind of good luck!

Beau turns 6!

On January 9, Beau turned 6. Hard to believe! With a birthday in January and desiring a "swimming party" for years, Beau will celebrate with his friends a "6 and six months Birthday party" at the country club swimming pool in July. His actual party was really low-key. He opened presents with just us on the morning of his birthday. And my family came over to celebrate with cake and ice cream a few days later. I can't believe he is 6!

Saints Win!

Derick has been a Saints fan his entire life. I was raised a Saints fan as well, but my loyalties never ran as deep as Derick and most fans from South MS. The Super Bowl victory for the Saints has really been special. We had fun making super bowl food, decorations, and staying up late to watch the Saints Victory. Go Saints! And Congratulations, Derick! He saw "the signs" all day and really believed the victory, "might" happen. And it did! Who Dat? (With the Saints flag hanging at the Vatican, how could it have ended any differently?)