Saturday, May 12, 2012

Ali "little lane"

Ali has been in preschool until noon three days a week for three years. On those half days, we would often take a nap before picking up Beau. Over the last six weeks, Ali has been convinced she is getting too big for naps. Here she is Friday on the way to Beau's school. (Not tired at all). I am going to miss naps with Ali. I am going to miss afternoons with my little girl, or my "little lane", as her teachers lovingly call the littlest Biglane.

Graduation for Ali

We are so proud of Ali! She graduates from preschool at Hernando United Methodist Church tonight! Next year she joins Beau at SBEC. What a big girl. So proud of you! And we love Ms. Mary and Mrs. Jenn!

Pitch and Catch

Derick and Beau have started letting Beau practice pitching. Right now, there is interest from Beau who wants to hear, "strrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiikkkkkeee" yelled with each pitch he throws. Honestly, he may never pitch a game in his life. Who knows if he will even want to play baseball next year? But I know one thing, Derick coaches Beau just right! It is fun watching Beau smile as he learns something new. And it is fun watching Derick smile when Beau actually listens!