Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Special Delivery

A package was delivered to our house earlier this morning from Aunt Rebecca, Uncle David, Avery and Barron. Inside were: a gift for Ali's birthday (I removed this, so she doesn't know about it.), a Princess "Belle" dress, and Disney books. The kids were so excited to get the package! Ali loves the dress and can't wait to have a tea party. And Beau immediately sat down to "read" the books. Ali kept saying, "Is it my Birthday?" Not yet, but getting a package from Dallas sure did make our morning! Thanks so much!!!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

"Ali's Cat"

Our family cat of eight years, Jinxie, passed away in April. Ali has been wanting a new "kitty cat" since then. She turns 3, on August 11, and she has been asking for a cat for her birthday. My brother, Randy, had a friend getting rid of kittens, and so on Sunday, July 26, Ali became the proud new "mama" to her "birthday kitty." She has named the kitten "Figero." It is a boy, but it proudly wears a pink collar with a bell picked out by Ali. (The cat should be happy it's name isn't "Cinderella" or "Princess", because those choices were at the top of Ali's name list.) I know....the cat is going to have many issues...but it is "Ali's cat." Here are a few pics of the new family cat and the kids....

Summer Fun

We took our family vacation in early May. So, the rest of the summer has been filled with fun close to home. The kids went to Natchez, the first week in June and stayed the week with Lala and Pops. They had fun visiting many sites around Natchez including the Indian Mounds and Jefferson College.
We have a Memphis Zoo membership and have taken many trips to visit the zoo. The kids love the Zebra (Marty), Giraffes (Melman), the Hippos (Gloria), the Sea Lions and the Polar Bears. Going to the zoo is always fun and we have loved our trips. Next year, Beau wants to go to "Zoo Camp" for a week to learn what all the animals eat, etc. Wow!
We also have had a Pink Palace and Licterman Nature Center membership and took a trip "hiking" the trails at the Nature Center, learning about earth worms, snakes and other animals. But the Pink Palace "robotic dinosaur exhibit" has definately been the family favorite. We have taken multiple trips up to the Pink Palace to see these dinosaurs. Beau and Ali have their favorites. Beau loves the Stegosaurous, Triceratops and T-Rex. Ali likes the "family" of Protoceratops. They are robotic, and they move and roar which makes them very life like. Ali was scared to death the first visit. But she really enjoys them now on repeat trips.
We have gone to the pool almost 3 times a week this summer. Beau took swimming lessons and now knows how to swim. He loves it! He goes off the slide, and jumps off the diving board all by himself. We are really proud. Ali loves the water as well. But she enjoys playing with her ponies or bucket and water toys more than actually swimming.
One Saturday, earlier in July, we went up to the Peabody Hotel in Memphis and let the kids see the famous ducks march in the lobby to the water fountain where they stay all day. We spent that morning riding the $1.00 trolley around downtown, and then went down to the park by the MS river to fly kites and watch the boats leaving Memphis and heading Natchez? That was such a fun day. It is sad that we live 15 minutes from downtown Memphis, and that was the first time we have ever done that with the kids. They had a blast. And I loved riding the trolley! Derick enjoyed the kite flying.
The summer has flown by...hard to believe we only have two weeks left before school starts!
Welcome to Beau Alley! This is the official blogspot of the Derick Biglane family. My husband Derick, and I have been married for ten years. We have two children: Beau- age 5, and Ali- age almost 3. I am creating this blogspot to post pictures and family updates as to what is going on in the life of our family. I hope this allows us to communicate with family and friends who live away from us in Hernando, MS.