Monday, February 8, 2010

Snow Day

The forecast didn't call for snow. A slight chance imagine our surprise when we woke up this morning to more than 5 inches of snow! It is beautiful and we have had fun making a snowman, rolling snowballs and sledding. The Saints win the superbowl and it snows the next morning. Wow, we could get used to this kind of good luck!

Beau turns 6!

On January 9, Beau turned 6. Hard to believe! With a birthday in January and desiring a "swimming party" for years, Beau will celebrate with his friends a "6 and six months Birthday party" at the country club swimming pool in July. His actual party was really low-key. He opened presents with just us on the morning of his birthday. And my family came over to celebrate with cake and ice cream a few days later. I can't believe he is 6!

Saints Win!

Derick has been a Saints fan his entire life. I was raised a Saints fan as well, but my loyalties never ran as deep as Derick and most fans from South MS. The Super Bowl victory for the Saints has really been special. We had fun making super bowl food, decorations, and staying up late to watch the Saints Victory. Go Saints! And Congratulations, Derick! He saw "the signs" all day and really believed the victory, "might" happen. And it did! Who Dat? (With the Saints flag hanging at the Vatican, how could it have ended any differently?)