Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Ali Enjoying Tennis

Ali is participating in tennis camp this week at Hernando Hills. She is loving it! And Coach Ragan says, "Ali has an arm on her"! Hoping she can learn ball control.

Off to Camp

Beau is off at Camp Lake Stephens this week with four of his buddies from Hernando. He left yesterday and was excited for all the fun activities ahead and freedom from home! Hoping he remembers to take a bath.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Gator Great Year!

The 2012 Baseball season is over. Last night, the Hernando Gators won the June Jam tournament. The team had to win 7 games and come out of the losers bracket to earn the right to play the Mustangs in the championship game. The Gators ten defeated the Mustangs twice to bring home 1st place! The Gators were also winners of the May Madness tournament. The team was also league champions. Way to go Gators! And way to go Derick and Beau!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Ali "little lane"

Ali has been in preschool until noon three days a week for three years. On those half days, we would often take a nap before picking up Beau. Over the last six weeks, Ali has been convinced she is getting too big for naps. Here she is Friday on the way to Beau's school. (Not tired at all). I am going to miss naps with Ali. I am going to miss afternoons with my little girl, or my "little lane", as her teachers lovingly call the littlest Biglane.

Graduation for Ali

We are so proud of Ali! She graduates from preschool at Hernando United Methodist Church tonight! Next year she joins Beau at SBEC. What a big girl. So proud of you! And we love Ms. Mary and Mrs. Jenn!

Pitch and Catch

Derick and Beau have started letting Beau practice pitching. Right now, there is interest from Beau who wants to hear, "strrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiikkkkkeee" yelled with each pitch he throws. Honestly, he may never pitch a game in his life. Who knows if he will even want to play baseball next year? But I know one thing, Derick coaches Beau just right! It is fun watching Beau smile as he learns something new. And it is fun watching Derick smile when Beau actually listens!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Davy Crockett for Second Grade Wax Museum

All kids in second grade chose a famous person to study. They had to choose 5 facts, and dress as this individual for "Wax Museum Day" at SBEC. Beau chose Davy Crockett. Love it!

Gator Baseball Begins

The 2012 baseball season has begun! Beau is playing second base and Ali returns as part-time cheerleader/ all-the-time player with friends. Derick is coaching again in this final year of "coach pitch". Go Gators!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Gator Great!

Baseball season has begun again. For the third straight year, Derick is coaching Beau's baseball team. We are once again the "Gators!" The Gators are on a bit of a streak winning two of their last three games. Have to brag on Beau....who is improving this year. In last night's game, he went three for three (with two doubles and 6 RBI's) on the night. The gators won 21-10. Hope the winning streak continues. Go Gators!

Soccer is Super!

Beau loves soccer! He has played it for 3 years and every year, he loves it more. He has a "leg" for it too! He often can be found kicking balls into the net next to our house. He also loves playing goalie. This year he really has learned more of the rules and is getting better control over the ball. This spring he played for the Hernando Parks and Recreation "yellow" team. He played goalie for the majority of the season, but the last two games he has played on offense. He has scored 5 goals in the last two games. He is fun to watch!

Easter Blessings

Easter 2011 was full of egg hunts at school, with friends, at church, and then from the Easter Bunny. Beau found underarmour gear in his Easter basket along with candy, and books. Ali found a Peter's bunny, a swing for Baby B, and a new "Ladybug Girl" book in her basket. We went to chuch and spent the afternoon together. Happy Easter!

2010- 2011 Catch up

This last year has been WILD. The Biglanes brought new meaning to "busy" through many activities, events, etc. I am ashamed I haven't updated this blog ALL year to share in all that has gone on this year. Will recommite to blogging regulary. Once you stop...it becomes overwelming to catch up.
Here is a re-cap:
August 2010: Beau entered 1st grade in Mrs. Camp's class. Ali entered 4k in Mrs. Ladonna and Mrs. Gail's class. They both love their teachers and have made many new friends. Beau's best friend at school this year, has been a boy named, "Colton." He is very sweet. His best friend remains to be Dominic Parolli. And he loves Owen Cooper, JT Bomar, Garrick Smith, Cannon Fort, McLain Raffety. He started boyscouts each Monday, and many of these boys were in his boyscout troop. Ali's best friend is Sarah Bomar. She still loves Neely McKnight, Davie Anne Stinson, Caroline Middleton, and loves Baylor and Gracen. She found a new boyfriend this year, in a little boy named Vincent Walters. She still loves Charlie, but says Vincent is her new boyfriend.
Fall 2010: Beau played flag football during the fall. Derick helped coach his team. Beau played quarterback and on defense and loved every minute of football. He was fun to watch! Ali started gymnastics with Sarah, Davie Ann, Mary Maci file, Mary Catherine and Conner Couch. She really enjoyed the class.
Halloween: Beau went as Luigi (Dominic went as "his brother Luigi" and Ali chose to be Princess Belle for the second year in a row.
Christmas: We had a great Christmas. Beau got a "big boy" bike, and the entire collection of "Magic Treehouse" books. Ali got a barbie dreamhouse and more doll accessories for "Baby B".
January: Beau celebrated his 7th birthday with his first "sleepover" party with 7 friends. Beau continued to read for "AR points." Beau joined the chess club at school having meetings every Tuesday after school. He loves it! Ali has really progressed in learning her numbers and all her letters. She is beginning to sound out words and starting to show signs of "reading" and spelling small words and the names of her friends at school.
Spring: The kids had multiple field trips all year including favorites to the Childrens Museum and Memphis Botanic Garden in April. We have entered into spring sports. Beau started playing soccer in March. He started out playing goaling, but now is playing on offense and loving it! He has scored 5 goals in his last two games. Beau also started baseball in April. He again is playing center field, but his fielding and hitting have greatly improved. Derick is the coach of the baseball gator team! Ali continued with gymnastics all year through April. She is picking up tennis, wanting to attend Tennis camp this summer.
Derick and Lisa update: Derick continues to be so involved with the kids and their sports. He can be found daily in the yard playing, soccer, baseball, football, tennis or anything else the kids are "into" that day. Derick was elected the Hernando United Methodist Church Finance Chairman in 2010, and has done a fantastic job for our church. He refinanced our building loan and will save the church more than $16,000! (He is so smart.) Derick and a group of guys have started a men's group in Hernando with civic work done in the Hernando Community. The group is called "The Krewe of Hernando." Derick was elected the Krewe's first President last month and I am really proud of him and the wonderful work this group of guys will be doing in Hernando. I have spent the last year being busy as well. I helped co-chair the Hernando Young Women's Club Tour of Homes event last November. (We raised more than $5,000 for Hernando Parks Improvements). I began serving as Communications Director at our church, basically emailing events and updating/maintaining our Church website. I also continue to work at the Desoto Economic Council as the Leadership Desoto Program Coordinator and Communications Coordinator by writing, creating, and producing the quarterly newsletter for the council. I basically work both jobs as a "consultant" working mostly from home. I have served on the board and executive committee of the National Association of Junior Auxiliaries as Marketing Vice President. This spring I was nominated and elected to the office of First Vice President for NAJA. Derick and I celebrated our 12th year of marriage (and 16th Valentine's Day) in February. (We are going to see Bon Jovi in concert next week!)
That is a year in review..........

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Beau's "Six-and-Six Months" Swimming Party

Beau has a January birthday, like me. I feel his pain in never getting to do anything "outdoors" for a themed birthday party. Last fall, Beau told us he wanted to have a "swimming party" for his sixth birthday. So we had a family-only party in January, and planned a "six-and-six months swim party" for Beau's friends. His party was July 10. He had a blast with about 25 kids swimming, diving, and sliding in 90+ degree heat. It was so much fun. I have to admit to 34 years of jealousy in seeing him get to swim on his "birthday". (Why didn't I think of this when I was growing up?) Maybe I can have a 35-and-five months party, next June. Ha!

Summer Spent Swimming

We have spent almost all summer at the swimming pool this year. Beau and Ali each took two weeks of swimming lessons and are putting the lessons to good use. (Beau is anyway....Ali enjoys the kiddie pool and laying out.....not such a fan of the "big" pool this year.) But Beau has learned to "dive" (really ends up being a belly flop 3/4 of the time, but he is trying), and he can do the "toothpick" and the "cannonball" off the diving board. He loves playing water baseball too! Splish Splash!

Baseball Boys and Belles!

Beau and Ali played ball this year. We played from the end of April until the middle of June. It was fun watching them both throughout the season. Derick helped coach both of their teams: Beau/Hernando Gators and Ali/ Hernando Heat. (Both teams were orange!) Batter, batter, swing, batter!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Fieldtrip Fun

Both Ali and Beau have taken trips to the Memphis Botanic Gardens this week to see the "My Big Backyard" exhibit. They both absolutely loved the time they spent roaming through the gardens. Ali learned all about plants and brought home a "magnifying glass." Beau learned about bees, ate real honey, and made a bee puppet. They both loved the "swinging bridge" and the worm hole, and the "tire sand-box." I am so glad the kids love the outdoors that can be found right outside in their own "backyards."