Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Alice the Fairy.....or anything I want to be today!

Ali's full name is "Alice Kate Biglane." She used to only answer to that name at the Dr.'s office. But lately, she will emphatically tell you her entire name. (Lately, Ali has turned into a dress up diva, so possibly "Alice Kate" is her alter name.) I caught her in this get-up and got a quick picture to remember all her creative costumes she wears on a daily basis. In this picture she is dressed as one of her favorite story book characters, "Alice the Fairy." Check out the pink, high heeled shoes...with socks!

"Farmer in the Dell for the Day"

Ali and Beau recently made a trip to my families farm outside of New Albany, MS. They had the best time feeding twin baby calves from the biggest "baby" bottle Ali's ever seen. They helped feed the big cows, the horses, and climbed fences. They loved getting to be farm hands for the day! And much thanks to my Mom, my Uncle Jimmy, and my Uncle Wayne, for all their help with the littlest farm hands.

Puppy "Love"

One of Ali's oldest friends is Charlie Parolli. He lives two doors down from us on our street. He is four months older than Ali, and she has known him her entire life. They have always been playmates. And about a year ago, at age 2, Ali developed a serious crush on her friend Charlie. Now Ali professes her love for Charlie to anyone who will listen, including Charlie. Charlie completely blows off the terms of endearment and has the "playing hard to get" thing down pretty well. Ali has lots to learn about being pursued and not being the pursuer. Here Ali is at a birthday party riding with Charlie on a two-seated bicycle. The smile on her face tells you exactly how in "puppy love" she is.