Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Homework and More Homework!

Beau is in his second week of school and Ali is in her first full week of school. And we are in our first year of consistent "homework." Beau is beginning to read "Take home books," once a week where he concentrates on a word or sound by reading it 5 times to his parents, signs his name, and takes his sheet back to school. We are also really concentrating on writing our names with correct handwriting skills. (Going pretty well so far.) He had to make a poster for school that contained information "all about him" listing all his favorite things. Beau thought it was cool that he is the only kid in class who wants to be a "zoo keeper or paleontologist" when he grows up. His teacher asked, "Beau what is a paleontologist?" Beau said he told her, "that is a Doctor that finds and studies dinosaur fossils." Yes, Ross Gellar, everyone knows that!
Ali started her 3k preschool class that meets 3 days a week on Monday. She goes to school half day and really likes it! The first day we had a minor incident when her "fish" (discipline system her class uses) was moved once because she got up and walked out of class and to her cubbie for her "lovie" without permission. But today, "lovie" stayed in the car and Ali's "fish" wasn't moved and she came home with an "excellent sticker" for her behavior on the day! Way to go! Ali says she loves coloring. (She has her Mom's skills!!!!) She got to take her favorite "toy" today and she took a purple My Little Pony. (Princesses and dolls stayed home to avoid any tantrums when they were passed around.) She says she has two friends in class this year, Davey Ann and Neeley. (She is in a class of 10, but we haven't learned everyone's name just yet.) Her teacher's are Ms. Kristie and Ms. Jennifer, and Ali likes them both. (Good start!) Ali's favorite thing about school so far is that she has a "big girl bag like Beau carries." She gets to carry her snack and lunchbox in this bag along with her take home folder that comes home daily reporting Ali's behavior and schoolwork. She is really proud of it!
We are off to a good start! Let's hope the kids always enjoy "home work" this much!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Ali's Kingdom for the Day

Ali had her "princess party" on Saturday. It was her first "friend party." Ali planned the entire party....moon bounce at home. We also had fishing for the kids on the lake. She had a pink crown cupcake-cake. Candy party favors went home with the kids, except for the 4 Ali hid for herself! It was fun and Ali enjoyed being "princess" for the day!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Big Day for Biglanes

The first day of school finally arrived at our house! With new lunchboxes (thanks Aunt Kay and Aunt Nancy) and bags in hand we officially started the 09-10 school year. Beau is in a class of 17 kindergartners. There are 10 of the most beautiful little girls in his class and 7 boys. I asked if Beau noticed how pretty the girls are in his class, and he gave me a great big smile and said, "They are and I share a cubby with one." (Smart boy!) Beau was a bit nervous because he and his little group of "buddies" were all split up this year and he didn't know any of the boys except 1 in his class this morning. But when I took him in and dropped him off he showed how resilient he is by making fast friends with a little boy named "Harris" who was playing with legos. Beau says they played Star Wars. "I was the bad guy and he was the good guy." When I picked him up I asked if he was okay with not having some of his friends from last year in class. Beau said, "I wish they were in my class. But I know I will get to see Cannon, Troy and Andy on the playground and breaks. And I will make new friends too, like Harris." Resilient! Now if Ali's day on Thursday only goes this well.........
Beau said this and that:
What do you think of your teacher? Mrs. Lancaster's nice. She gave me a hug for my happie you made me give her.
Best Part of Day: I got to be "line leader" on the first day of school. Cool!
Favorite thing you did? Play on playground
Who sits next to you? Brandon and I think his name is Gavin...I can't remember...I'll ask tomorrow.

Happy Birthday, Ali!

Happy 3rd Birthday, Ali!
At 8:11 am on 8/11/06, our world forever changed with the birth of our little girl Alice Kate Biglane. "Ali" turned 3 today and we celebrated with a birthday breakfast of french toast and cupcakes and the opening of presents. Beau was disapointed and remarked that, "Ali didn't look 3 ---or any older---on her birthday."
Ali received lots of phone calls and emails this morning wishing her a "happy day." And she was sent many cards from aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, etc. Figero (her cat) gave her a "Princess piano," (which is really a keyboard.) She got a bicyle, book and rain jacket, and a princess match game. But her favorite gift has been her "makeup" that Beau gave her. Wow! Happy Birthday, sweet Ali! We love you!

Monday, August 10, 2009

To the Imax!

Last day of summer vacation for me and the kids, so Beau got to pick what "we did," and Ali got to pick what "we ate." Beau chose a trip to the IMAX Theater to watch the new movie,"Under the Sea." (Yes, the kid loves all things animals including sea animals.) And Ali chose "McDonald's Happy Meals," for lunch. (So maybe she is my child.... I love some chicken nuggets.) We found a park close to the theater and had a picnic feast on nuggets and french fries. After lunch we went to see the movie. Ali fell asleep during it, (she wasn't to interested in all the underwater sea life...not much of a story there... certainly not one that involved a princess.) But Beau (Jacques Cousteau) thought it was great. He loved watching the sharks and sea turtles, and thought it kind of cool when some little sea creature got "gobbled up" by a bigger sea creature. I have to say I agree more with Ali's opinion on the movie choice, but it was Beau's pick. And he was happy, so that is all that matters!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Sappy Thoughts on Summer '09

"Oh, The Places We Will Go!"
School starts back on Tuesday for the Biglane household. (Beau starts and Ali starts Mother's Day out, however her preschool class doesn't start until the following week.) This week has been emotional as the summer comes to an end. I just finished my first "free" summer since high school. I spent the entire summer sleeping in, going places the kids wanted to go, and just soaking in time with the kids. Don't get me wrong, there have been many days of wondering, "What in the world was I thinking quitting my full-time job?" (Especially those days when the kids are arguing or fussing about anything.) But for the most part, I wouldn't have traded this summer with my kids for anything. I loved watching Beau's face light up each time he saw the "dinosaurs" at the Pink Palace (even on repeat trips.) I enjoyed even more having the opportunity to see Beau learn to swim and then practice on regular trips to the pool. I have loved listening to Ali play "house" and repeat to her babies the things she gets told on a daily basis. Trips to the library, runs to Sonic for ice cream, and the occasional run through the water sprinkler have all been fun. As I sat at Beau's kindergarten open house last night I remembered something I heard at his first open house just two years ago. His teacher that year reminded the parents to hug their kids as often as possible because one day, we will turn around and our babies will be young men and women and think they are too old for hugs. Thankfully, I am not there yet. But I can look at my children and see how quickly they are changing and growing before my eyes. Derick, I know you have seen me have some long days this summer. Many a day has he walked in at 5:30 to hear, "I've had them all day, you take them until time for bed." Please know that I thank you so much for the opportunity to have been home with them all summer. I have loved every minute of it, even the long ones! Again, loved every minute of it, but I am excited about rejoining the land of the working on September 1, for year two as Leadership Desoto Coordinator with the Desoto Economic Council!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Cat is hiding under what?

Ali has been playing with her kitty cat all morning. She started out downstairs playing with the cat in a green basket. (Poor cat!) Then she went upstairs and started screaming that her kitty had gone under her "are bra." "Gone under your what," I asked? "My, are bra," she answered again. When I got upstairs to her room she pointed to her, "white AR MOIRE." Ar moire/ bra, sounds the same to me! Ha!