Thursday, July 15, 2010

Beau's "Six-and-Six Months" Swimming Party

Beau has a January birthday, like me. I feel his pain in never getting to do anything "outdoors" for a themed birthday party. Last fall, Beau told us he wanted to have a "swimming party" for his sixth birthday. So we had a family-only party in January, and planned a "six-and-six months swim party" for Beau's friends. His party was July 10. He had a blast with about 25 kids swimming, diving, and sliding in 90+ degree heat. It was so much fun. I have to admit to 34 years of jealousy in seeing him get to swim on his "birthday". (Why didn't I think of this when I was growing up?) Maybe I can have a 35-and-five months party, next June. Ha!

Summer Spent Swimming

We have spent almost all summer at the swimming pool this year. Beau and Ali each took two weeks of swimming lessons and are putting the lessons to good use. (Beau is anyway....Ali enjoys the kiddie pool and laying out.....not such a fan of the "big" pool this year.) But Beau has learned to "dive" (really ends up being a belly flop 3/4 of the time, but he is trying), and he can do the "toothpick" and the "cannonball" off the diving board. He loves playing water baseball too! Splish Splash!

Baseball Boys and Belles!

Beau and Ali played ball this year. We played from the end of April until the middle of June. It was fun watching them both throughout the season. Derick helped coach both of their teams: Beau/Hernando Gators and Ali/ Hernando Heat. (Both teams were orange!) Batter, batter, swing, batter!