Sunday, April 25, 2010

Fieldtrip Fun

Both Ali and Beau have taken trips to the Memphis Botanic Gardens this week to see the "My Big Backyard" exhibit. They both absolutely loved the time they spent roaming through the gardens. Ali learned all about plants and brought home a "magnifying glass." Beau learned about bees, ate real honey, and made a bee puppet. They both loved the "swinging bridge" and the worm hole, and the "tire sand-box." I am so glad the kids love the outdoors that can be found right outside in their own "backyards."

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Age 6: And Finally a Few "Firsts"

Beau has had back-to-back days of "firsts". Yesterday during baseball practice, he received his first bruised nose from getting popped between the eyes with a baseball. (Thanks Coach/Dad who threw the ball! Don't worry, he picked up the ball and still made the play BEFORE letting the hurt set in. Derick was so proud!) And today, he lost his first tooth! You can see in the picture, it is one of his bottom, front teeth. (We have been waiting all year to lose a tooth.) Here are a few pics as Beau proudly shows off his baseball "battle bruise" between the eyes and his first picture as a "snaggle tooth." We love you, "Big Man!" And let's hold off on anymore "firsts" for a while. You are growing up too fast!

Happy Easter

Early April was full of school, friend, and Church egg hunts. The kids have snacked on Reese's buttercup and Cadbury eggs, jelly beans, and other sweets that filled baskets. The Easter Bunny came and left Beau some Magic Tree House chapter books he enjoys reading, new crocs, and some spring/summer baseball pj's. Ali found a princess CD player with disks, princess stickers and markers, pink crocs and summer pj's. We spent a beautiful Easter Sunday at church, and then at my Grandmother's hunting eggs all over "Still Hill." What a wonderful way to celebrate a day of rebirth and redemption, than with relatives!